Thursday, 6 August 2009

Michael Sheen

In the supermarket today I thought I saw Michael Sheen browsing the yoghurt drinks. He had on a business suit and dark glasses.

'Nice one, Michael,' I thought. 'Executive disguise. Nice.'

Later when I walked past him again I realised that he had a debilitating limp on one side. Either it wasn't actually Michael Sheen, or he is going to pretty horrific lengths to travel incognito.

As I was standing in the queue to pay with two jars of chutney in my hands ('made', one boasted, 'with genuine apple cider!') the man behind me said, 'that's a lot of chutney for someone so small.'

'Never underestimate the importance of chutney,' I replied.


TheSundayBest said...

That comment goes to the top of the list of things I will say to you when I see you again.

I like your once every two month updates.

Diane said...

I really loved reading this. Funny stuff.