Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Lucky Charms

I think I would seriously consider going to America just for the Lucky Charms. General Mills, I bow to thee, creator of such oaty kibble deliciousness and powdered sugar indulgence. Actually, to be honest, I'm not such a big fan of the oaty kibble - I eat that part first and save the charms 'til last - but I suppose that other people who don't possess such a die-hard sugar addiction need it for palatability reasons.

When I was younger I used to have quite a long running daydream where I had access to vast amounts of money, with which I could do as I pleased (like most people I think). Since 'forward planning' in my young and nubile mind stretched probably as far as Saturday (30p sweetie money and the Beano), it probably isn't surprising that my biggest dream was to either a) fill up an Olympic sized swimming pool with the confectionary of my choice, or b) go for the multi-choice option of filling various wooden barrels with said confectionary.

I should point out that back then, I wasn't really interested in the consumption of the sweets, or whatever it was, but more in the physical feeling of a) swimming in something other than water or b) plunging my whole arm into a barrel full of something. Mainly my swimming fantasies revolved around jelly beans, because I thought they would be relatively streamlined, and I think at one point I was intrigued by the idea of jumping into Hula Hoops because they had gaps in which might or might not enable me to breathe 'underwater' as it were.

Jelly was another swimming pool possibility. Bit sticky though. Anyway, what this brings me back to is that if I could get hold of barrels of things in the near future (let's face it, if I get rich and want to indulge myself, the barrels are a lot more accessible) there would definitely be a barrel of Charms on the list. Obviously I'd pay someone to pick all the oaty kibble out.

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